Located on Melrose Ave

The Studio

This is a boutique style Pilates studio, featuring only 6 Allegro2 Reformers. Aiming to focus on form, we keep these group classes small, it's a great way for the instructor to give the best possible workout to each client. The classes are only 50min long, giving us the perfect amount of time to make you shake, sweat, and repeat.

About the Owner

Claudia Martin has been teaching Pilates since 2007. As a former dancer she was suffering with injuries in both knees to the point of possibly needing surgery. She talked to her doctor and he suggested Pilates, and after her first class she was hooked. Since she loved it so much she got certified and shortly after started teaching classes all over LA. It was then that she started to build her cliental and decided to start her own business. Opening her first studio in her hometown of Orange, CA. Giving clients the best possible workout for their body type with the main focus being on form, she has transformed so many bodies including some of Hollywoods best.


If you come to a class that ends before 10am you can park in back, or any class after 7pm. Otherwise u can park on the street for free on Waring, Curson, and Stanley just make sure to read the signs. Meter parking is also avail on Melrose.